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Dear Humanist Friends

The pandemic situation has made it clear that the problems are global, common to all the inhabitants of the planet, and show the violence of the system in all aspects and facets of human endeavour.

We are in a different world where two forms of thought and action are manifesting themselves more strongly: humanism and anti-humanism. The reflection, cooperation and solidarity of people aspiring to a different world is coexisting with the lies of the powerful, the absurdity and the meaninglessness of the system.

This historical and social moment requires us to give different answers, where the most important thing is the respect and fulfilment of the fundamental rights of all. Human rights are not taken seriously by nation states and are trampled on at every turn. This must change, now!

The destruction of the environment must be stopped. Global warming accelerates among other calamities, the mutation of increasingly destructive viruses that threaten our species.

The global financial system is in complete imbalance, impoverishing the many and concentrating financial resources in the hands of the few. This must end. Poverty must be eradicated now!

Atomic weapons must be eliminated by enforcing the treaty just approved by the majority of states in the UN.

In a multilateral world the UN must be strengthened and adequate mechanisms implemented to stop wars, with the support of all member states.

Social violence is intolerable and needs to be overcome everywhere. Primarily through education and by eliminating social injustice.

These are some of the problems that afflict us all and their solution can be tackled at the neighbourhood, city, regional and global levels, no one should remain immune to these urgencies.

More than ever, we need to ask ourselves whether we want to live, under what conditions we want to live, and what we are willing to do to make it happen.

Throughout our common history we have done many things, things we did not even think we could do: We have learned to jump over limits, to overcome resistance and to open new inner paths. We have a doctrine, wise and profound, that provides us with tools to overcome suffering. We have new and convergent social organisations and proposals. We know how to connect with the spirituality that has always driven human beings forward.

We ask ourselves where we come from, where we are and where we are going, and our primary time is the future. Let’s root it here and now!

Fortunately, the moment of change allows us to make ourselves heard in a new way, people are confused and distressed and yet unknowingly deeply in need of Silo’s Message.

As the system is collapsing, it generates a lot of instability in the populations, we must come together, creating new areas of exchange and action in diversity.

For these reasons, all the humanists of the world, from the different Parks, Organisms, Fronts, Networks, Communities of The Message, and other expressions, we call ourselves to a World Meeting on the 27th and 28th of March, in the context of the realisation of a World Humanist Forum in the second part of the year.

In this meeting we want to feed the common fire, to value what has been done, to exchange our experience, to listen to each other, and to inspire each other by recognising ourselves as part of a Universal Human Nation.

This Meeting will allow us to tune in to the Forum and invite organisations with which we are already linked and other new ones, generating a relationship with them, and to go on concretising common actions in the construction of a world in which we want to live, opening up the possibility of setting up a permanent Humanist Forum that will provide answers to the needs of this historic moment, and opening up the future.



You can register in the FORM (1) and on the WEB (2) as an individual or as a group.



NOTE: We remind you to register on the Web, which will be our fundamental tool for the World Humanist Forum, where there are already teams working that you can join or you can also create new groups there corresponding to the Networks and other functions that will be necessary:

SATURDAY 27 – TIME 10:00AM POV, Argentina, Chile, Brazil / 6:45PM Nepal / 6:30PM India, Pakistan / 2:00PM Spain, Italy, France / 2:00PM Senegal / 7:00AM Costa Rica / 9:00 Bolivia

SUNDAY 28 – TIME 10:00AM PdV, Argentina, Chile, Brazil / 6:45PM Nepal / 6:30PM India, Pakistan / 3:00PM Spain, Italy, France / 2:00PM Senegal / 7:00AM Costa Rica / 9:00AM Bolivia 

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